Delta Blue TechnologyTM

A first of its kind technology in the Lawn & Garden and recreational marketplace, Delta Blue TechnologyTM has the ability to bring connected features to the The Green Industry.

The Challenge

Communicate the most important information about a user's lawn & garden or recreational product in a passive, meaningful way that integrates into the life of the modern consumer.

The Idea

Combine existing Delta technologies with a widely accepted and growing wireless technology that is becoming not only prolific in consumer goods, but in their lives as well.

The Solution


Delta Systems Advanced Technology engineers combined an hour meter with wireless (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to create a smart hour meter that powers an intuitive smartphone app that, at its core, notifies the owner of upcoming maintenance tasks and assists with their completion. Expanding upon this idea, tracking more information, as well as being able to act upon them with two way communication, the possibilities for Lawn & Garden and Recreational equipment are vast.

Delta Blue TechnologyTM applications are as varied as system designers' imaginations. Some examples include, but are nowhere near limited to, fleet & asset management, generator characteristics & control, and predictive maintenance.

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