The Challenge

Show off the talent and minds here at Delta Systems and turn heads at GIE Expo 2015 with new innovation and ideas.

The Idea

Take one of the most advanced zero turn mowers on the market and take it to the next level by integrating innovation in terms of technology, creativity, and safety.

The Solution


Delta's Product Marketing and Advanced Engineering teams brainstormed some innovative ideas for the outdoor power industry with the idea of integrating them into what we've been calling the "Tech Tractor". Since then we have been busy designing, coding, testing and fabricating each and every element. Referencing the pictures in the slideshow above most of the ideas centered around safety and information.

SAFETY …we integrated both Slope Sensing and Object Detection technologies and utilized a Heads Up Notification System on the handlebars to quickly grab the attention of an operator in an unsafe condition. INFORMATION…we packaged more detailed info about the tractor, like diagnostics, run time, PTO run time, oil temperature, etc., and the slope sensing and object detection systems into a full color touch screen display with a pleasant, easy to use interface.

CONNECTIVITY…in addition to the information on screen, all of this info was also available on a companion app via Bluetooth. Some additional features of the Tech Tractor are smart code entry with push button start and an embedded inverter for light duty tools and device charging.

All systems were designed to work intelligently together creating a vision of what incorporating existing technologies could do for the Green Industry both in terms of safety and productivity.

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