Push/Pull Switches

Delta Systems' Push/Pull Switches are rugged, ergonomic, and available in high current and standard current versions allowing you to choose what fits your application needs. The easy snap-in installation makes assembly simple and cost-effective.


Product Specifications

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NO - Normally Open
NC - Normally Closed
DT - Dual Throw
Maximum current rating conducted through switch
2 Position - Down / Up
3 Position - Down / Up / Momentary Up
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Part NumberElectrical ConfigurationKnob StyleKnob ColorCurrent Rating, AmpsNumber of Positions Specs.
6204-204NO\-\DT1.5" DiameterRed521
6204-206NC\-\DT1.5" DiameterRed521
6204-207-\DT\DT1.5" DiameterYellow521
6204-208-\DT\DT1.5" DiameterBlack521
6204-209NC\-\DT1.5" DiameterRed521
6204-210-\DT\DT1.5" DiameterYellow521
6204-211-\DT\DT1.5" DiameterBlack521
6204-212NC\-\DT1.5" DiameterYellow521
6204-218-\DT\DT1.5" DiameterBlack521
6204-219NC\-\DT1.5" DiameterYellow521
6204-303NO\DT\DT1.5" DiameterBlack521
6204-308NC\NO\DT1.5" DiameterBlack521
6204-313NO\DT\NC1.5" DiameterBlack521
6204-315NO\DT\DT1.5" DiameterYellow521
6204-316NO\DT\DT1.5" DiameterRed521
6204-316GNO\DT\DT1.5" DiameterRed521
6204-318NO\DT\DT1.5" DiameterRed521
6204-320NO\DT\DT1.25" DiameterRed521
6204-322NC\DT\DT1.25" DiameterRed521
6204-324NO\DT\DT1.25" DiameterYellow521
6204-325NC\DT\DT1.25" DiameterYellow521
6204-331NO\DT\DT1.25" DiameterBlack521
6204-332NC\DT\DT1.25" DiameterBlack521
6204-341NO\DT\DT1.5" DiameterYellow521
6204-342NC\DT\DT1.25" DiameterYellow521
6204-348NO\DT\DT1.5" DiameterBlack521
6204-353NC\DT\DT1.25" DiameterRed521
6204-358NC\DT\DT1.5" DiameterYellow521
6202-012BNO\DT\DT1.4" DiameterBlack1021
6202-022ANO\DT\DT1.4" DiameterRed1021
6202-022BNO\DT\DT1.4" DiameterRed1021
6202-031BNO\DT\DT1.4" DiameterYellow1021
6202-041ANO\DT\DT1.4" DiameterPink1021
6202-122ANC\DT\DT1.4" DiameterRed1021
6202-122BNC\DT\DT1.4" DiameterRed1021
6202-131ANC\DT\DT1.4" DiameterYellow1021
6202-131UNC\DT\DT1.4" DiameterYellow1021
6271-305NO\DT\DT1.25" DiameterRed531
6272-201NO\-\DT1.5" DiameterBlack521


Various accessories are offered to pair with Delta's electromechanical switches, and they can be purchased directly from Delta Systems.

Packard connectors and terminals can be purchased from www.TTIInc.com or www.powerandsignal.com.

Please note that there are three connector colors available: black, gray, and olive. The connector part numbers that include an “A” in the part numbering system are designed for high temperature applications with an operating temperature range of -30º F to 185º F (-34º C to 85º C).

Switches mate to a Delta Connector with an easy one step assembly to connect your equipment wiring harness to the switch.