We have a shared commitment.

More than 200 hard-working people are part of the elite Delta team. Together, we can do so much, and here are just a few reasons why we think so:


Customer Service Group Lead | 29 years at Delta

“I love the people that I work with. It’s the kind of culture that’s special to Delta. Everyone is energetic and open to make things better—in our work environment and in our products. We are driven to maintain continuous growth, and that’s something that everyone benefits from… I tell people, ‘You don’t stay somewhere for 29 years if it’s not a great place to work.’"


Maintenance Technician | 2.5 years at Delta

“At Delta, you’re given the opportunity for advancement. I started as a temp, and I’ve made leaps here in just a few short years. The company is investing in me, and I’m going to school now for Engineering. I’m working toward a new future.”


Group Leader | 17 years at Delta

“Delta has a great family atmosphere. You feel cared about here, from your managers to your coworkers. It’s all the small details, like our Employee Appreciation Day, that just go above and beyond. It’s the kind of thing that makes you stay and makes you work harder.”


Industrial Engineer | 3 years at Delta

“Delta invests in the latest versions of any technologies we need—from manufacturing equipment to software to even the lighting. You will always have the newest thing that will help you to do your job better. And every day has a new challenge! I’ve heard people who have been here for 15 or more years say, 'I’m not bored yet!’ That says a lot.”


Group Lead Assistant | 14 years at Delta

“My favorite part about working here is that I get to learn something new every day. And my manager gives me the opportunity to do that. If you are willing to learn, there is always someone here who is willing to teach you.”