Smart Design & Aggressive Practicality

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Delta reimagines the equipment operator experience

At Delta Systems, we believe in smart design that fits in just about anywhere, redefining the equipment operator experience with what you might call “aggressive practicality.” Our sleek, operator-focused dashboard components keep drivers in command with the efficiency and sophistication expected of today’s modern equipment. Our goal? It’s simple: To keep drivers riding in safety, style and convenience.

To showcase our latest innovations, we’ve equipped a utility vehicle with our components to bring the next generation of equipment operator experiences to life. This “Tech UTV” explores the boundaries where automotive design meets rugged reliability, breathing fresh spirit into everything from outdoor power equipment to compact farm tractors to light construction vehicles to forklifts and beyond.


7” Advanced Touch Screen Display (CAN-bus capable) An automotive-influenced dashboard – at your fingertips!

This CAN-bus capable, color, 7-inch Advanced Touch Screen Display is the next generation Human Machine Interface (HMI), marking the future of machine maintenance with at-a-glance-notifications and offering simple operator activity.

This cost-effective Advanced Touch Screen Display’s fully customizable (screen/display) outputs include:

  • Unparalleled I/O access – 2 standard connectors, up to 32 Analog & Digital Input and Output signals
  • Color, 7-inch touch screen, readable in full sunlight
  • Customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) & style
  • Flat mount, sealed design, protecting from dirt, oil, water, dust, etc.
  • Perfect solution for next level safety (rear backup camera & object detection)

push button ignition switch - Rugged, modern, intuitive.

This switch marries utility & grace with its simple, straightforward design and rugged, sealed interior that is built to withstand water and grime. Its IP67 rating raises the bar in both performance & convenience.

This switch offers:

  • Easy, drop-in replacement for key-on ignition switch with same panel cutout
  • IP67 rating, protecting against water, dust and other contaminants
  • Illuminated and fully customizable style
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, ergonomic design


rear backup camera - Gives you a second set of eyes.

When operating machinery, from a UTV to a skidsteer, knowing your surroundings is critical to your safety and the protection of bystanders and property. Our Rear Backup Camera offers drivers rear-facing visibility with a two-part system of a wide-angle camera and a digital dashboard display.

This system offers:

  • Wide, 170-degree visual field with real-time video streaming
  • Crisp, clear visuals, including grid lines to help with guidance
  • Weather-resistance design keeping it functioning in harsh environments

Object detection - improving driver awareness.

To guard your equipment and protect your safety, it’s important to eliminate blind spots. Our new Object Detection system monitors a specific area around any type of equipment, sensing objects and providing warnings to operators as they approach obstacles in reverse.

This solution:

  • Uses Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology, which uses sound waves to detect objects and measure their distance between 1 to 20 feet
  • Has both and audible and visual warning system based on the measured distance
  • Offers a sleek design with flexible mounting options



Our Wireless Winch Control allows operators to safety activate a winch from a distance with a convenience wireless remote. Using our Delta Blue Technology, this remote-control module enables winch operation without the need for a hard-wired, hand-held remote.

This kit:

  • Controls the winch from a distance up to 80 feet
  • Is a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless remote winch control kit includes a controller and fob
  • Is adaptable to any brand winch
  • Sealed for harsh environment operation

At Delta, we push the limits to give safety and durability a brand new look, helping equipment operators go places and do their jobs with confidence. Want to learn more about how Delta’s next generation innovations can revolutionize your drivers’ experiences? Let’s talk today about solutions that can be customized to YOUR needs!